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Sewing Threads for Industry and Consumers

MSYG’s package dyed and space dyed sewing yarn threads for consumer and industrial markets introduce delightful color into every stitch. From large cones of industrial sewing threads to products for domestic spools of injection-dyed consumer mercerized cotton and polyester core sewing yarns, our product capabilities also include the development of brand-specific threads for thread distributors.

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Craft Yarn Steaming, Balling and Packaging

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group conducts every step of creating finished retail balls of yarn in various weights and ball sizes, fun colors and fashionable fibers – appealing to all kinds of knitters and crocheters. MSYG’s craft yarn unit utilizes many different blends and takes advantage of unique capabilities, including multi-ply twisting and yarn printing.

In most cases, balls are made from yarn we spin, but we’ll also ball and package yarn from other manufacturers. From spinning, steaming and balling to bar coding and packaging, MSYG makes the entire process simple for craft yarn distributors. Just give us your order, and we’ll take care of the rest. The only thing you have to worry about is distribution, but if desired, we can even drop-ship direct to retailer.

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