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Yarns that Define Style

MSYG fashion yarns are the essential ingredient for creating the latest looks in gorgeous colors and riveting textures – helping designers revolutionize clothing lines that range from elegant to practical.

Working with both natural and synthetic fibers and blends, MSYG offers a large array of high-end package dyed and novelty yarns for the fashion market. Our dyed yarns are implemented in a broad scope of garments – from commercial uniforms to high-end designer apparel.

Making yarns for all kinds of knitted and woven apparel, we spin in heathers, multicolors and solids from coarse count acrylic yarns and acrylic and wool blends for market segments such as sweater and outerwear.

We bring you yarns formed with distinction by utilizing specialized dyeing and spinning technologies, including multi-ply twisting, wrap spinning, coarse count ring spinning, bump dyeing and vat dyeing.

MSYG offers knitters and weavers comprehensive fashion and design capabilities close to home, giving you the opportunity to source high-quality yarns made in the USA – all from a single house.

Need it quick? We can develop new products on short notice to accommodate urgent seasonal transitions and oftentimes work first-hand with labels on new product development. Through our hands-on design process, designers and weaving mills find that developing a yarn system and color line with MSYG is fast and easy.


TransDRY® technology: breakthrough moisture management for cotton

MSYG amplifies yarn performance for active wear and other markets through specialty chemical treatments that deliver unique product benefits, such as moisture control, antimicrobial protection and light-fastness.

TransDRY® high-performance moisture management technology makes it possible to combine comfort and performance in a soft, cotton garment. Developed by Cotton Inc., TransDRY helps cotton yarn successfully repel water. We treat 100 percent cotton yarns with TransDRY to create a fast-drying cotton fabric armed with moisture-management properties equal to or better than synthetic fabrics. TransDRY-treated cotton wicks moisture away from skin and provides quick evaporation, drying in up to half the time of regular cotton.

Working globally

Specialty yarns from Meridian Specialty Yarn Group are making their way around the world. Specifically, yarns treated with TransDRY are gaining significant international appeal for use in various performance attire. So no matter where you do business, MSYG can accommodate by producing yarns that meet free-trade agreement requirements, including CBI, NAFTA, and CAFTA-certified yarns for export to Central America and the Caribbean basin.

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