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Exceptional Yarns Create Exceptional Fabrics

Catering to various segments in the home furnishings and upholstery markets – including residential, contract, furniture and jobber –  MSYG manufactures and processes yarns of unbeatable quality for furniture, window and wall coverings, upholstery, drapery, afghans, throws, towels and more. MSYG yarns form the basis for designing tasteful elements to furnish and decorate any space – from homes to hospitality and corporate environments.

We offer a large, diverse product line of dyed and spun yarns in stunning colors and luxurious textures to create any type of fabric you desire for any type of décor – from traditional to contemporary and beyond. Through our hands-on design process, designers and weaving mills find that developing a yarn system and color line with MSYG is fast and easy.

Our expertise in both dyeing and spinning gives you the convenience of purchasing all your novelty and space dyed yarns from one source. Made from an immense collection of synthetic and natural fibers, MSYG offers:

  • Fine-count warp yarns to course-count filling yarns
  • Novelty yarns, such as chenille and boucle
  • Space dyed textured polyester and other space dyed and textured yarns
  • Yarns for high-end fabrics
  • Wool and Wool/Polyester Blend semi-worsted spun carpet yarns

Immerse yourself in our durable and sumptuous yarns for every type of upholstery fabric. You have access to unlimited texture and color opportunities when selecting from our full range of jacquard fabric warp and filling yarns. We also produce yarns that meet light-fastness requirements for upholstery and entangled novelty yarns that don’t fray or unravel – the perfect filler yarn for upholstery fabrics. In addition, Boucle yarn made from our fully drawn space dyed polyester is readily available in exciting Jet Express stock line colors.

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